$5000 Harris Excavation Grant

September 23, 2018

There are lots of hindrances in pursuing education nowadays, especially for degree program and college education. Even though with the help technology that we now have online education, learning is still a big challenge that our society faces, because millions of people still do not have an access on it. Unfortunately, the government has a lack of support for everyone to have a good career and acquire possible opportunities. That is why, there are millions of unemployment rates according to many statistics.

Fortunately, there are still those institutions that understand the importance of education in the life of an individual. These institutions are longing to give financial supports and other possible help for students that are longing to pursue a degree program, college education or online education. Plus, another good thing is, there are also organizations that give financial grants to certain projects that are related to their advocacy. One of them is the Harris Excavation Grant that give aid for those small excavations projects which could be the way for making big ones. This is best for starters or those who want to undergo an internship.

The Harris Endowment will support projects that are CAP- affiliated and the focus is the newer and smallest project. By doing so, it will enable the starts to start a project that lacks financial support from the other givers. Plus, this could be a stepping stone in order to do larger projects in the future. It also provides support for off-season research, analysis, and publications that will increase the knowledge of public regards to excavations. This would also benefits those aspiring future researchers as making it their references.

In order to avail this, you must be a director of ASOR/CAP-affiliated projects or at least, a senior staff members of affiliated projects. In case you are a staff member, you must have a letter of recommendation from the project director. Only one application could have the grant every year, it is usually not given to same winners in successive years. You should also take note that the grant does not provide support for fund travel for volunteers.

For the complete information in availing this grant that would surely help the project that you are aspiring for, you could simply click http://www.asor.org/fellowships/excavation-grants-fellowships/harris-excavation-fellowships/.

105 Responses

  1. Need financial help to complete my masters program at the University of Zambia. I am finishing the first part but l have no financial muscle to continue. Help will be appreciated. Thank you

  2. I really need the scholarship. Am an undergraduate student finding it difficult to pay my fees due to the crisis in Cameroon.

  3. I need your financial support to complete my education career on my master degree on counseling psychology. Thank you.

  4. For sure if God could see me through and I get this scholarship for my studies I would be the happiest person I am just a high school graduate and I have completely failed to raise money to support my studies

  5. j\’ai vraiment apprécier votre geste et j\’aimerai faire parti de ceux qui pourront avoir la chance d\’en beneficier

  6. j’ai vraiment apprécier votre geste et j’aimerai faire parti de ceux qui pourront avoir la chance d’en bénéficier pour avoir la possibilité de poursuivre mon master en droit privé

  7. l really need this scholarship because l want to get a degree on the aguriculture
    I need more informaition about the fee on this

  8. I also need a sponsorship to persue diploma in computer science specifically Programming in the University of Tel Aviv

  9. Am a refugee from BURUNDI to RWANDA, i haven\’t any family member or Organisation to support me in my studies but i had and still having a need to improve my studies for my better future, am grad 6 secondary school, i bag you this scholarship so that it will change my events from bad to good, thanks.

  10. Hello am a Zimbabwean and my parents are struggling to get money for me to learn forward..l m kindly asking you to help me with a schorlaship cause l want to pursue my goals .l will be happy lf l bet the schorlasip .Thank you

  11. I\’m really in need of a scholarship to study abroad, I\’m an under graduate an my education has been pertubated by this crisis in my country Cameroon. 2 years now I\’m not going to school, I will really appreciate your help

  12. I need this grant to enable me complete my tuition at Atlantic International University . I owe the university a balance of $1650 for my tuition . I would have graduated in 2015 but due to financial construent i was not able to. I shall be very grateful if am considered for this golden opportunity.
    Stay blessed.
    Josephine – Uganda

  13. I really need this scholarship for me to go study abroad, because I think that if I wil study abroad there are more apportunities that I grab to have a beter future and I think that if I\’m able to get this scholarship I\’m able to help my family when it comes to financial.

  14. I am a chemical engineer from Pakistan with various experience in arts and social services.During me engineering studies I have experienced film making and performing arts along with work on tourism.Good in social works and now a days looking for more experience with foreign people.I am interested to get scholarships for studying abroad to get knowledge about social sciences along with some social works.
    Best wishes

  15. I wish I could be granted this scholarship so as to achieve my dreams of studying abroad in order to change and help to solve the problems facing the society. Thank you in advance

  16. Really need help for a scholarship to undergraduate study abroad i am in zimbabwe just finished my A\’ levels

  17. I would like to thank for the support you are providing but for myself I am the one who needs that opportunity due to the fact that I am physically and mentally feet thanks

  18. I\’m interested in this scholarship to study abroad it been my dream,I will be gald if u allow me on this scholarship.

  19. the amount to be paid is not easy to be paid for so, if possible you may provide me a sponsor to help me pay the money due the Rwandan poverty

  20. HELLO
    Thanks for this opportunity. I am a Cameroonian in need of a scholarship so as to obtain a degree in logistics and supply chain management. Please I need your assistance. Thanks

  21. I\’m burundian,I want to continue my studies in Masters degree.,but I\’ve no help,I wish masters degree in Nutrition or pediatrie ,I need your hand!

  22. Am Ugandan I need this scholarship and have always dreamt of higher education out of my country but can\’t support myself and my parents are not okay financial this scholarship will highly be appreciated and it will really mean alot

  23. l want to be part of the scholarshipe programe .l want to do a bacholars degree in law.but am lucking financies.l could do this by acquiring a scholarshipe or geting a sponsor.this could help me and also enable me to help my young sibblings who are nt studying to.l will be greatful if you give me that chance.

  24. Hi I\’m from Pakistan i need full funded scholarship for PHD i have a financial issue my parents struggling to earn money for me i want to support them

  25. Hi! It\’s my dream to be part of a full funded scholarship so that I could obtain my Master\’s degree in social sciences. Considering my request will be a dream come true.

  26. I would like to request for fully funding Scholarship in Masters in Masters in Physics in Tanzania and Abroad University ,it should be the choice of the board of Scholarship.Thank you very much for considering me as a Student

  27. Am FABIAN OMONDI from Kenya, am planning on embarking on another degree to pursue Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi here in Kenya so the scholarship would come in handy for me.

  28. really need this scholarship for me to go study abroad, because I think that if I wil study abroad there are more apportunities that I grab to have a beter future and I think that if I\\’m able to get this scholarship I\\’m able to help my family when it comes to financial.

  29. please need this scholarship for me to go study abroad, because I think that if I will study abroad there are more opportunities that I grab to have a better future and I think that if I m able to help my family.

  30. I\’m just speechless with words but all is just that please aid me as you are doing to others to study abroad to be a light unto the world and individuals and as well as my self

  31. As I am a chemist I really wanted to do something in the research the reason I need a scholarship kindly plz help me .

  32. Hello am a Ugandan 18year old male and my parents are struggling to get money for me to learn forward..l m kindly asking you to help me with a scholarship cause l want to pursue my goals .l will be happy lf l get the scholarship to pursue a bachelors degree in digital forensics.
    Thank you
    +256783266605 / +256772418417

  33. I need scholarship to do Master\’s in mechanical engineering or satellite communication but I don\’t have fund to continue my education , please i need help any where

  34. Viola Z.Wilson

    I\’m Liberian need of scholarship to pursue my degree but lucking finances because I don\’t even have Mother and Father to help I could do this by acquiring a scholarship or getting a sponsor this could enable me to continue my study in public health. I want to study abroad because I think that if I will study abroad there are more opportunities that I grab to have a better future and come back to home to serve my people and country mama Liberia.Thank you very much for considering me as a student. 886145284/770453130 add my country core

  35. Viola Z.Wilson

    lucking financial support really need sponsor or scholarship.I misspell financial in my first communication please take the correct one in my second communication.

  36. I need a fully funded schorlaship to further my degree course in Computer Engineering.I am from Ghana.and really need your support

  37. please am in need..help me get the scholarship so that I can study abroad. am not financially stable

  38. I want to study but I don\’t have tuition. Am a Ugandan and want to study. I only need tuition please. Help me

  39. I already got admitted at Miami University to do Masters in Social Work but I do not have money for studying. I need this scholarship you are offering. kindly assist me.

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