$12000 College Education Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarships

September 24, 2018

It is really a big burden for parents to send their kids at school because of many problems that are happening in our society today. Prices of school expenses are constantly rising up that it is almost impossible for money to pay for it. Student loans are not eligible for everyone and it has a big interest to pay once the student work. That is why many people do not have the opportunity to take degree program, college education or even online education.

The good thing is, there are still groups who are ready to help those people who aspires to have an education. They mostly are advocates for a particular cause and they tend to pass their knowledge to the next generation in order to sustain what they’ve already started. But of course, there are challenges that applicants need to face. Requirements are need to complete before an organization grant you a scholarship, financial aid or grant. One these scholarships that you could apply for is the Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarship.

It is established in 1955, by the late Aubrey Lee Brooks. They are offering aid to graduating students of senior high school in order to pursue a degree program or a college degree. This is a great option is you are still want a formal schooling than college education. Some of the requirements needed in order to apply is that you must be from a 14-county area of North Carolina. The awards will be given to 17 fellows who meet the criterias that they are looking for. One of those is a complete application form, then a demonstration of financial needs. You should also have a plan to enroll as full-time students in a degree-granting program at N.C State University, UNC-Chapel Hill, or UNC-Greensboro.

Once you’ve took your luck, you will be given a financial aid worth $12,000 that would give you a big help for your education. Brook scholars may also receive more financial aid for summer internship, research or traveling abroad. Plus, a computer stipend of $2500 will be given to purchase a brand new computer that could surely help you in studying. In order to have the complete details, you could check https://www.cfnc.org/Gateway?command=GetBasedProgramDetail&note=no&type=7&vocType=10&vocational=no&id=44.

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  1. I have posted for some time now but I won\’t get tired punctuality is the mother of success. I still have the hope that I\’ll get scholarship for my electrical engineering degree.

  2. I want to study hard in UK this is my dream and aim kindly give me some.opportunity I am thankful to you for this kindness

  3. my name is murad hussein from ethiopia i am interested to study in scholarship i hope that i will get a scholarship please help me via phone:0968342109

  4. it had been my intention to be a coporate manager, but for 3yrs now we have not been to school owing to crises. help me to this scholarship. molly (cameroon)

  5. Good afternoon, I will be grateful if possible u can give me opportunity to further my education.I\’m really interested pls.

  6. Nice to have this opportunity I need this scholarship grants to continue my study abroad. Eritrean nationality from sudan.I want to study computer science.

  7. Am Joseph kibet. from Kenya.i hope you will help me with a scholarship to further my studies and I achieve my goals.thank you very much much for offering scholarships program.il feel much appreciated if you grant me the scholarship,,thanks for responding soon.

  8. Hi, I\’m Krecel.
    From Bacolod City, Negros occidental, Philippines. And I\’m hoping that I can get this scholarship you\’re offering to every person who wants to pursue their studies.

  9. I want to study abroad, but am facing financial constraints, I can greatly appreciate if you can grant me a scholarship,course (computer science ) Degree program Thanks.

  10. My name is Mwiza Lungu from Zambia and need a scholarship to continue my BSc in nursing at Apex Medical University Zambia.Kindly send me the application to apply and do I qualify to study in my own country

  11. I am so interested in this scholarship garnts .could you offer me this chance to continue my study abroad.

  12. My daughter is currently a B.Pharmacy student at Rhodes University in South Africa, this is our own country. How can I apply for this grant. Please send me details and perhaps application forms.

  13. I am an Eritrean; a masters holder in business administration(MBA) from university of Switzerland. I am now in search of a university which can grant me an admission to pursue my PhD in international business. can you help me please where i can apply and how, and what are the requirement that i should fulfill

  14. I need only $2500 to complete my studies at unicaf university. They have given me a scholarship of 75% i need you help pay the balance.Thanks

  15. I want to pursue a post graduate course in social work how can I access your scholarship please help.

    Yours Truly,

  16. i need scholarship to do degree in project management or development.i need to study in usa or uk.kindly i need assistance

  17. Hi. I\’m Amorcris from Bohol, Philippines. A filipino student who graduated from Senior High School last year who wants to pursue my studies under the field of business. I am in need of any scholarship program which can fulfill to pursue my course. I will be humbly ask for your offers.

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