$18,000 Degree Program from ASA Minority Fellowship Program

September 24, 2018

Every person is longing for a decent education that would definitely give them opportunities that they could use in for the improvement of their future. However, having a degree program or college education is a not easy task to do. There are a lot of hindrances that are existing in the society today. Plus, the school expense are constantly increasing, as well as the college loans are increasing its interest. Although, through the help of technology there are now some alternatives platforms to learn such as the online education.

Fortunately, there are still those people who are willing to help aspiring students in their schooling to afford a degree program, college education or online education. Most of them are getting their funds through different projects such as selling products or asking from donors, churches or individual persons. All the aspiring fellows’ needs to fulfill some requirements or task being asked that varies with the organization. Prices and support also depends on the capability of the giver and their program.

One of those who give financial support is the ASA Minority Fellowship program that aims to aid people who wants to pursue a doctorate degree in sociology. Through the Minority Fellowship Program (MFP), the American Sociologist Association (ASA) are giving aid for the development and training of sociologist in any sub-area or discipline. It seeks to create skillful doctoral students that will undergo a diverse and highly trained workforce. This would also assume leadership roles in doing researches that are relevant in today’s society.

The grant already made a name in giving a legitimate support for those aspiring fellows. They supported more than 500 people in pursuit of a doctoral degree in sociology for the span of 44 years.

The application of each people who submitted are reviewed by ASA Minority Fellowship Program Advisory Panel. Each members are appointed by ASA Executive Officer and approved by ASA Council. It is convene yearly during spring time to select the finalist.

The yearly stipend that will be received by people who won the grant is worth $18,000. The arrangements for the payment of school expenses are made with the educational institution. In order to get some the full details, you could visit http://www.asanet.org/career-center/grants-and-fellowships/minority-fellowship-program/minority-fellowship-program-application.

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  1. Am impressed on the support ASA provides to people. am very much interested for support in a doctoral programme in guidance and counselling. will appreciate greatly if considered and granted scholarship.

  2. I will be grateful if I\’m accorded the chance to study on a scholarship program picking a career in Transport and logistics.. Thanks

  3. Nice to have this opportunity to study abroad. I am so happy to have such chance.I am so interesting in this scholarship could you help me to join this scholarship. Thanks more nice to hear from you soon.

  4. I would be very glad if I have this opportunity of the scholarship in computer science, I\’m really need this scholarship thanks.

  5. I would be very glad if I have this opportunity of the scholarship in computer science , please I\’m really need this scholarship thanks.

  6. Hello there! This is Francis Ajaghi. I am so much interested in this Scholarship! I hold a Master\’s Degree in Philosophy. My Final Dissertation, was on; \

  7. I am interested in that Scholarship! I am looking for a doctoral scholarship, in Sociology! As I have already stated, I would like you to consider me for this scholarship, so that I may pursue my doctoral study in Sociology, with the focus on Max Weber and Emmanuel Durkheim.

  8. I so wish that your response to my plea be my answered prayer. it would make me happy if I was to receive a great offer as this scholarship, your response will be highly appreciated

  9. I so wish that your response to my plea be my answered prayer. I would love if you grant me this wish. Your response will be highly appreciated.. thank you

  10. I need this scholarship to enable me undertake some courses to assist the whole nation and develop myself as well

  11. I\’m in need of a scholarship to complete my studies please help me do that may God be with you while making that decision of helping me

  12. I really need a scholarship and I would be grateful if I get it . I really want to study law in the United states, I\’m from Nigeria

  13. Im 4th mechanical engineer in Ethiopia I interesting inthis scholar
    I want to compelete my study there if get this chance

  14. Please I\’m a student in University of Education, Winneba and I need a scholarship to finance my education. Please help me.

  15. Agréable d’avoir l’occasion d’étudier à l’étranger. Je suis si heureux d’avoir cette chance. Je suis tellement intéressant dans cette bourse pourriez vous aider à me joindre à cette bourse.

  16. hello first Of thank My God and You for your informations please i need this scholarship because i like to finish My university and thank You again and i have 19 year all .
    thank You
    and God willing

  17. I appreciate you guys. I will like to do a masters programme in guardiance and counseling. I will be thankful, if you grant me this opportunity.
    Osman Kamara, from Sierra Leone.

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