$1000 ABPA Harrington-Arthur Memorial Scholarship Essay Competition

September 25, 2018

There are many people who are does not have any access to schools, universities and other academic institutions to get a bachelor degree, online degree or any degree program. These kind of issue is really alarming today as education should be accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, the school expenses and tuition fees are continuously increasing today and even student debts are getting hard to acquire. Many of the student loans available are requiring to gain a lot of interest which is not good for those aspiring for education.

One of the hopes in this kind of dark situation are those organizations that are advocating to give education to people. Many are offering a bachelor degree, any degree and even online degree. In fact, there are thousands of non-profit and non-government organizations that offers different programs that could be acquired by those who will pass their requirements. One of them is the ABPA Harrington-Arthur Memorial Scholarship Essay Competition that could give you $1000 as a financial assistance.

The program is established to reward students who seek knowledge and understanding on how to ensure water safety by Cross-Control and back-flow prevention. Back-flow prevention is designed to prevent dangerous – and sometimes fatal – bacteria, chemicals and other harmful particles to enter the local water supply systems. This kind of programs are essential to ensure that the water the flow in school, place of business or home be as it was before it left the water treatment plant.

The ABPA’s goal is to give education to the general public that local backflow programs are very important for every community. The goal is a safe drinking water through cross-connection control. On the other hand, the competition is open to all people in high school whose age is at least thirteen but not older than nineteen. They should be a legal residence of United States of America or Canada. The aspirins ones may currently attend a public, private, parochial schools or even home schooled. The good thing is, they are not required to be college-bound.

To know more about the kinds of writings that they are making as a guide for the competition or to know more about their details, you could visit https://www.scholarships.com/financial-aid/college-scholarships/scholarship-directory/deadline/deadline-in-jaunuary/abpa-harrington-arthur-memorial-scholarship-essay-competition or try reading the details on https://www.ischolarshipgrants.com/scholarship/abpa-harrington-arthur-memorial-scholarship-essay-competition-20180706/.

74 Responses

  1. HAY miss and mr
    i want to gat this scholarship in eletrical instiltion bullding i think u will help me to gott thise scholar ship

  2. I would like to follow my study about journalism and linguistic field. So, I hope to get scholarship one day so as to continue both of them in master degree.
    Journalism allow me to sensitize and modilize people about their nation reality.
    Linguistic allows me to valorize others\’s languages and cutures too because both of them are the human engine in this world, without them there will never be humanity at any more.
    I would really like to achieve this gaol but my financial position doesn\’t permit at all.

  3. can you please help me get scholarship for foreign languages for 2020 August intake… i have passion in foreign languages please… be blessed as you give me that scholarship in 2020..

  4. I have the great Interest to study my Master degree in Climate change & Disaster Management, So Could you give me the chance to study abroad.

  5. I will like to further my studies for my masters degree abroad in Either Estate management or facilities management

  6. I greet you head of this site.
    I thank you for your generosity and may the Lord bless you for the good work done.I request for an offer to study online since I leave far and taking care of my family.

  7. Thanks for your help to the needs.

    I have strong plans to further my career in Master in Ministry and Cancelling in Theology.
    I just completed my Bachelor\’s degrees in Theology and I am having challenges in finances.

    Kindly, help.

  8. I need this scholarship, have got good high school results but funds for University are blocking me from studying my dream course. Please I need this scholarship

  9. Hi Sir or madam, I\’m very interested in this scholarship please help me to do my master in computer science thank you.

  10. Thanks for numerous newsletter opportunity u have been sending to my mail. Sir, I am more interesting scholarship for post graduate courses (Msc)…

  11. Hello sir or madam, my name is Oumar Mahamat TAHIR I am from Chad i want to get a free scholarship to pursue a master please help me to achieve my dreams Thank you.

  12. please give me chance to study abroad in veterinary medicine so as to prevent zoonotic disease and increase productivity and reduce poverty

  13. Dear/ to who it may concern
    I will be very grateful if i get this chance .As a young student who has recently finished his A level .i require now to get a schoolaship so i can continue with my studies.im interested in sciences degree

  14. Good morning,

    I was raised not to ask for anything, because nothing is for free in Life, but am at this point in my life that aim so desperate and depressed. So please forgive me for asking.

    Aim trying to give myself and my son a better life, if there is any willing people to assist.
    This is my story in short,
    Am a hard worker but can’t get work as most of the opportunities is only EE .After my mother died we had nothing and no one left, We move from one province to another thinking things will be better, but as they say the grass is not greener on the other side, all our furniture is lost and money i lost with the removal company. My son is so unhappy in the school crying at night children bullying him i have spoken to all, but no solution, i have done best but is not getting better, i want to place him in a overseas school but i can’t afford it, he sleeps on a sponge mattress, i want to give him a proper bed even if it is second hand i cant afford it, he has no friends and has nothing to do, i want to give him a bicycle even if it is a old one, but can’t afford it, i want to study to get a job that can support us better, but no money. Is there anyone that can help.
    As things are in South Africa there is no hope for us in SA, we struggle every day to just get by. I want to give him the life he deserves as this is a basic human right, but is SA there are no rights. Things are so expensive, you can hardly buy food From a R1000, No medical assistance all they say is they don’t have doctors available to assist you or even medicine. We fear for our lives every day in the car or at night not knowing you will rob or break in and Kill us.
    If i have to immigrate as a refuge for my sons’ sake i will. I will not come and stay for free in your country, but I will work and work if so.Please help

    Regards Amanda Lloyd 0027842694673

  15. I am from a very poor family.

    I really need you to help me with a scholarship, so I can continue my education in order to be successful in the future.

  16. I really need this scholarship. I have good results but I don\’t have funds to proceed to tertiary level and pursue my dream course. your help will be highly appreciated

  17. Hello,am Angela Nyanchoka from kenya.I completed my high school education last year.Am looking forward to joining a university to pursue my career but it seems impossible due to insufficient funds.I beg for a scholarship chance since i understand it will a great light in my resent world.Please take into consideration my humble plea and i hope to get a reply from you.Thank you very much

  18. Helo sir/madam?
    I have the great Interest to study myPhd in molecular genetics/ Plant breeding/ Biotechnology, So Could you give me the chance to study abroad.

  19. Je suis étudiant en licence 2 économie et gestion, je suis âgé de 21ans j\’aimerais avoir une aide financière car je suis issu d\’une famille à faible revenu, étant un étudiant dynamique, brillant ,intelligent et travailleur Je n\’aimerais pas que le problème d\’ordre financier m\’empêche d\’atteindre mon rêve qui est celui de participé à la croissance économique mondiale en étudiant l\’économie et la gestion….votre aide reste primordial pour la poursuite de mes études

  20. hello i need a scholarship to study banking studies i just finished high school and i have no way forward please help me


  22. Greetings, I wish to have a 2020 scholarship for a master\’s program in Biochemistry. Please I need your help, thanks.

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